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Then you can do loops, repeat, speed, or tempo controls. It is very easy to use, and it is free. Videobox is another free video editor which does the same thing as Chasewhip. Videobox can make videos out of various file formats and it can trim the best part of the video out of those videos. The quality of the output video is not very good. When you want to make a video out of the video file in your computer, then you can use any video editor such as Windows Movie Maker or Apple's iMovie. # Chapter 10: Improve Screen Recording with Screen Recorder Screen recording is useful because you can record anything which is being displayed on your screen. So it is useful to record lectures, interviews, webinars, presentations, demonstration, etc. Screen Recorder is the simplest screen recording software. It can record your screen, capture specific window, or the whole screen. You can start recording directly from the main window of the application. The start or stop buttons will appear on the top right corner. You can also start the screen recording manually by clicking on the start or stop buttons. The settings window will appear after you start recording. You can make your recordings in full screen mode by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the window. You can record the current window or you can record a specific window by clicking on the window to select it. You can start recording the window which is on the top of the screen by clicking on the "Record Selected Window" button. You can record in different modes. You can record the screen as a video file. You can record sound from the microphone. You can select the microphone, or you can select the microphone from the list of microphones. Screen Recorder can record the video with various formats. It includes MP4, AVI, MPEG, WebM, etc. You can convert the recorded video into other formats, and save it in your computer. # Chapter 11: Basic Particle Effects in Adobe After Effects In this chapter, I will explain you basic particle effects in Adobe After Effects. Particle effects are the most popular effects used in post-production of movies, television shows, animation, etc. In this chapter, I will explain you four most common basic particle effects which are used in many advertisements, movies, television shows, and other videos. A particle system is an advanced

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